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Project Management

Tasks and performance

Project Management at a glance

Foto: Uniklinik Köln

Experienced experts plan and execute your clinical trials involving drugs, medical devices, or any other types of studies, e.g. surgical or registries for prevalent or orphan diseases.

Project Management can either organise a complete package including all study aspects from idea to submission to authorities and publication, or you decide on individual items from the below. In any case, your PM serves as contact point throughout the duration of your project. The PM will orchestrate the departments and services inside and outside CTCC.

The areas and services requested most frequently are:

  • Study planning & design
  • Ranges from feasibility analysis to regulatory and administrative aspects, to quality assurance, from writing the study protocol and any other study documents to submitting to ethics and authorities
  • Budget calculation & control
  • Detailed budgets for conducting the study and for the work at study sites highlight cost-saving options and enable successful fund raising and contracts.
  • GCP-Compliance
  • Maintaining regulatory standards, incl. training, coordinating and supervising the study team, preparing inspections and audits, archiving study specific documents, and fulfilling sponsor obligations, if University of Cologne acts as legal Sponsor.

Team Project Management

Name Function Fon +49 221 478- Fax +49-221-478- Email
Harnischmacher, Urs Lead Project Management 88126 88209 urs.harnischmacher[at]zks-koeln.de
Biewer, Matthias Project Manager 88255 88209 matthias.biewer[at]zks-koeln.de
Flamme, Hanna Project Manager 88793 88209 hanna.flamme[at]zks-koeln.de
Kolibal, Johanna Project Manager 88144 88209 johanna.kolibal[at]zks-koeln.de
Kraus, Daria Project Manager 88123 88209 daria.kraus[at]zks-koeln.de
Limburg, Endrik Project Manager 89733 88209 endrik.limburg[at]zks-koeln.de
Meller, Sebastian Project Manager 88790 88209 sebastian.meller[at]zks-koeln.de
Michalik, Claudia Project Manager 88138 88209 claudia.michalik[at]zks-koeln.de
Papachristou, Irini Project Manager 88211 88209 irini.papachristou[at]zks-koeln.de
Poll-Wolbeck, Simon Project Manager 82894 88209 simon.poll-wolbeck[at]zks-koeln.de
Prinz-Langenohl, Reinhild Project Manager 88140 88209 reinhild.prinz-langenohl[at]zks-koeln.de
Schmalz, Petra Project Manager 88151 88209 petra.schmalz[at]zks-koeln.de
Schmied, Sabine Project Manager 88153 88209 sabine.schmied[at]zks-koeln.de
Schumacher, Pauline Project Manager 84892 88209 pauline.schumacher[at]zks-koeln.de
Zarrouk, Marouan Project Manager 88131 88209 marouan.zarrouk[at]zks-koeln.de
Zettelmeyer, Ulrike Project Manager 88125 88209 ulrike.zettelmeyer[at]zks-koeln.de
Kürsch, Petra Assistence Project Management 88203 88209 petra.kuersch[at]uk-koeln.de
Parloh, Ann-Katrin Student Assistent 88147 88209 ann-katrin.parloh[at]zks-koeln.de