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Site Management

Services and tools at a glance

Foto: Uniklinik Köln

Site Management supports trial conduct throughout clinical departments, and identifies and addresses unmet needs across the clinical research community.

Services and staff we provide are Flying Study Nurses, Feasibility Management, the site management system clinicalsite.org, a Special study budget calculation using Studget™ as well as cross-clinic trial conduct management meetings.




Personnel Support for external sites

Flying Study Nurses

Andrea Pelzer und Beatrix Burmeister; Foto: Uniklinik Köln

The Flying Study Nurses of the CTCC are qualified, ready and able to perform the following tasks in the conduct of clinical trials:

  • Trial site set-up and preparation organisational implementation of study protocols
  • Organisation and coordination of trial conduct on site
  • Recruitment, screening and care of study participants
  • Preparation and support of patient visits
  • Documentation of patient treatment course during clinical trials according to protocol and CRFs
  • Collection and documentation of all study-related data, including editing queries
  • Sample preparation and shipment
  • Management and handling of investigational drugs
  • Preparation of monitor visits
  • Preparation of audits and inspections by state, national and international authorities
  • Home visits

We provide experienced study nurses, who are ICH-GCP and IATA trained, not only for the University of Cologne, but also for external sites at hospitals or practices for a limited duration.

Are you experiencing or anticipating a staff shortage at your site? Please inquire about personnel support possibilities to keep your trials running!

Studget TM - Calculation Software for Clinical Trials

Computer software for the calculation of fees required to properly conduct a clinical trial within a hospital or medical practice, namely, for estimating the expected cost of a clinical trial so that the user can negotiate with the contracting sponsor of the Trial. The solution: the Study Site Budgeting Tool Studget TM!

Calculated Total


Detailed payment schedule

             Payments per trial visit

             Start-up fee 

             Payments for continuous activities

             Payments for single activities

Case payment          

Required staff hours

             Time for preparation

             Time per visit

             Average time needed per month of trial duration 


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