Flying Study Nurses

The Flying Study Nurses of the CTCC are qualified, ready and able to perform the following tasks in the conduct of clinical trials:

  • Trial site set-up and preparation Organizational implementation of study protocols
  • Organization and coordination of trial conduct on site
  • Recruitment, screening and care of study participants
  • Preparation and support of patient visits
  • Documentation of patient treatment course during clinical trials according to protocol and CRFs
  • Collection and documentation of all study-related data, including editing queries
  • Sample preparation and shipment
  • Management and handling of investigational drugs
  • Preparation of monitor visits
  • Preparation of audits and inspections by state, national and international authorities

We provide experienced study nurses, who are ICH-GCP and IATA trained, not only for the University of Cologne, but also for external sites at hospitals or practices for a limited duration.

Are you experiencing or anticipating a staff shortage at your site? Please inquire about personnel support possibilities to keep your trials running!

For more specific information please contact:
Andrea Pelzer
Team Lead CTCC Clinical Conduct Management
Fon.: +49 221 478-84626
Fax: +49 221 478-89027