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About us

Clinical Trails Centre Cologne

The CTC Cologne in brief

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The Clinical Trails Centre Cologne (CTC Cologne) is a specialised institution locatedat the University of Cologne. We are aiming to support and accelerate the latest research approaches at the Cologne site with specific scientific services.

We work with more than 60 experts for medical and scientific researchers at universities and hospitals, as well as for research associations, pharmaceutical and medical device companies in almost all indications and all phases of clinical trials at national, European and worldwide level.

With our experienced project consulting team, we at CTC Cologne set new standards for a comprehensive and innovative study planning. Through collaborative projects (e.g. with FungiResearch, the Network of Coordination Centres for Clinical Trials (KKSN), the Technology and Methods Platform for Networked Medical Research e.V. (TMF e. V.), the European Clinical Research Network (ECRIN), we are actively involved in national and international networks and are an important cooperation partner in large collaborative research projects. Through publications and committee work, we are also actively involved in improving European research structures and framework conditions.

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