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Quality Management at CTC Cologne

Manage and ensure Quality

At CTC Cologne, we consider clinical research to be the backbone of medical research, which primarily must serve to improve patient care continuously. Therefore, it is our common effort to work according to internationally accepted quality standards (ICH-GCP, ISO 14155; ISO 9001) when conducting clinical trials and to act in compliance with national and international legislation. The safety and satisfaction of study participants is always a top priority in all our processes.

Our quality management aims to support and thus ensure all quality-relevant processes, procedures and regulations at CTC Cologne. Since 2011 we are certified according to ISO 9001. Our aim is to meet the expectations of our customers in accordance with our principles, the legal requirements and our mission.

Quality objectives

Together with sponsor and study lead, we ensure in compliance with guidelines and legal requirements

  • The minimization of risks and stress to ensure the safety of study participants,
  • The highest possible data integrity and
  • Continuous improvement of the CTC Cologne processes.

As CTC Cologne, we are committed to good scientific practice. We understand clinical research as part of society's mission to provide the best possible patient care.

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